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Software development

Creation of a website or modernization of already existing website is process demanding complex approach. Designer, specialist in positioning, programmer, optimizer and specialist in marketing, and sometimes other specialists depending on website content, take part in the process of website development.

We begin website designing with detailed study of peculiarities of business activity of a client and adjustment of goals and objectives the achievement of which a website is aimed at. Having received necessary data, we frame main concept of a website and prepare technical assignment.

When technical assignment is approved by a client the process of development of a website can be divided into several steps.

    Development of website design:
  • Development of concept of design;
  • Development of logotype and unique style;
  • Creation of design of principal and internal pages;
  • Processing and preparing of images for being published on a website.
    Optimization of texts and website structure:
  • Formation of semantic core;
  • Preparation of pages’ titles, key words and page descriptions;
  • Development of hyperlink structure of a website;
  • Optimization of website texts in accordance with semantic core.
  • Positioning of materials.
    Creation of interactive services:
  • Designing of databases;
  • Creation of control system of content;
  • Creation and activation of interactive services.
    Trial operation and introduction of a project:
  • Training of client’s personnel to work with a website;
  • Trial operation, detection and elimination of inaccuracies and errors;
  • Introduction of a project.

Upon completion of the indicated tasks our specialists will render initial range of services of website promotion, such as registration in major browsers (Yandex, Rambler, Aport, Google), registration in catalogues and ratings.

Website support

Website support is a range of actions aimed at supporting operational capability and expansion of a website and also creation of a steady interest towards this website from the side of a target audience.

Having trusted us support of your website, you will get rid from the necessity to keep you own staff of web-specialists. Specialists of our company are willing to provide complete support of your Internet project 24 hours a day.

    Range of services to support a website may include:
  • Reformation of existing structure of a website;
  • Creation of new pages;
  • Creation and activation of interactive services;
  • Refreshing of information;
  • Website promotion;
  • Monitoring of website’s position as a result of search in profile requests;
  • Advertising campaigns;
  • control of operational capability of hosting;
  • other measures according to client’s wish.

Website optimization

Website optimization (search optimization) is a range of activities aimed at increasing “amicability” of a website referred to the work of browsers.

Why does our website need it, you will ask us?

Search systems are principal suppliers of target audience for corporate websites. According to research about 85 per cent of users search for information using browsers which provide 70 – 85 per cent of traffic. Mentioned above statement is especially relevant in relation to recently appeared in the Internet websites which do not have regular audience.

Website promotion

Website promotion is activity aimed at increasing of website traffic. We do not use “black-side” methods of promotion, such as mailing of spam, increasing of results of ratings, cloaking and etc.

Promoting a website we issue a challenge to attract target audience which would be making orders, would be making purchases or would be satisfying goals of a website in any other way.

Website audit

Website audit is an assessment of a website and its potential in accordance with the marketing goals that have been set. Objective of audit is to diagnose any problems and their causes and to develop specific recommendations in order to eliminate these problems.

While conducting website audit our specialists will analyze market and competition. They will define level of demand for goods (services) of a client based on statistics of search requests, analyze positions of main competitors and origins of their success, and make prognosis of future prospects of working in given market sector.

Internet consulting

Would you like to have your own website in the Internet, but your budget does not allow you to order a range of services for creating and supporting a project? Does your company staff have some talented and enthusiastic specialists that heard something about website development? Have you decided to introduce yourself in the Internet? We are confident that you will succeed! And in order to make the first and right step while conquering global cyberspace you may use Internet consulting. Our consultants are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you at any stage of website development, introduction or support.

Advertising in the Internet

Advertising in the Internet is one of the youngest methods of advertising. Internet advertising is up-to-date and effective mean of marketing communications, because it can be used to promote your trade mark as well as to attract target audience.

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